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Focused on high-impact, game-changing talent, Lan is a passionate advocate, dedicated and determined to bring companies talent that matter. She leads The Ellig Group’s legal, risk, regulatory and compliance practice, including privacy and cybersecurity functions. A former litigator, she has honed and applied to her search work excellent due diligence, problem solving and advisory skills, excelling where a sophisticated understanding is required for the more technical, emerging, and esoteric roles that have components of analytics, data or digital expertise. She has developed long-term relationships with clients and talent across financial services in the areas of insurance, corporate finance, investment banking, brokerage/securities, consumer finance, fintech and beyond in related business services. Lan has received kudos from clients and candidates as “one of the best recruiters in the industry.”

Lan previously practiced law in Washington, DC, in the areas of complex business and regulatory litigation, particularly involving the federal government; one of Lan’s cases won a record judgment of $909 million in damages. She holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Washington School of Law in Seattle and a BS in Foreign Service from Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

Having come to the United States as a refugee, Lan is committed to human rights, and given her education also has a strong interest in international affairs. She enjoys global travel and as a “maker” loves the invention and creativity in figuring out how things work.

“Coming from a legal background to executive search, I find that advocacy supported by strong research can make all the difference in a smooth, quickly completed assignment. In today’s data-driven world, I believe that an outstanding recruiter uses analytics to quickly zero in on the talent that fits the needs of the client, and provides clients with the market expertise to act confidently and make successful hiring decisions.” – Lan Nguyen

Financial services leader
Expertise in legal, risk, regulatory/compliance, analytics, data, and digital
Versatile problem solver, advocate, and relationship builder
Investigative approach from litigator background

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