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Moscow, 109028

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Who We Are

ZOOM Executive Search and Leadership Consulting is a well-renowned consulting company that provides professional services relating to the search and development of top managers. We have vast experience of implementing challenging and complex projects for major Russian and international companies.

We are #1 in searching and attracting top talent, this includes C-level positions as well as their direct reports: C-1 and C-2, we are keen to engage the best advisors and top-notch experts to strengthen the teams of our clients.

How We Work

ZOOM Executive Search& Leadership Consulting partners live by the motto "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts". We choose to collaborate with like-minded people so we can be jointly responsible for our high-quality results.

Each of our consultants is familiar with the market, loves their profession, and has been working effectively and diligently in the industry for decades. They also have the highest possible success rate in terms of closing projects in this field of expertise.

Our primary objective is to help our clients - top executives and company shareholders - create a better world with the best teams on the market to achieve outstanding results.

Our guiding principle is to find the best solution for our clients by applying transparency, efficiency, and responsibility.