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June 16, 2016

Leadership Talks

This the first interview of a series of talks with great leaders, with strong moral values, on life, leadership, education and technology. We are very happy to interview Dan who has built the first Google office in Romania.

Radu Manolescu: How does it feel to be part of Google Romania?

Dan Bulucea: It’s a privilege to work for Google. It’s a powerful company in UK or US, but in a small country like ours it’s an even more important company. You have the opportunity to change, really change the context of every issue, to put a “dent in the universe”. We talk about what’s it like to use technology, what’s it good for in a company, this whole technological progress. In a way, our whole culture and identity, our traditions and national heritage becomes more visible through technology.

Our educational system can be improved by using interactive tools - free to use - for any student.

I believe that trying to achieve these things, through technology, for your country is a huge yet humbling opportunity.

Google started with you, right?

Yes, I had the opportunity to open this office, here. Google is the kind of company that doesn’t tell you what to do or how to do it; you don’t get a manual. So it’s an adventure as long as you like being part of a fluid environment that is getting built by you and your colleagues. It’s a chance...

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