Christine Hayward

By Christine Hayward
Executive Director
Aug. 30, 2018

New York, NY – August 30, 2018 – IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide (, one of the world’s top ten global executive search organizations announced the renewal of its official partnership with CoolBrands People (

CoolBrands is a multinational branding company that supports companies and individuals to reinforce their online presence and their reputation.

Christine Hayward, Executive Director of IIC Partners, commented on the renewed partnership with CoolBrands. “I am excited that our relationship will continue. Anouk Pappers and Maarten Schäfer understand the executive search industry and the importance of having an online reputation so that clients can easily find the relevant search firms and professionals to help them with their most critical executive searches. As a search firm or professional, being positioned in a way that effectively showcases not only your expertise and experience but also your personality and character is vital. CoolBrands are experts at creating branded content and developing compelling stories to enhance your authority positioning.”

Anouk Pappers, Co-Founder of CoolBrands People, commented, “there is a direct link between creating and publishing thought leader content and being awarded with business. Authority positioning and articulating it with thought leader content, is a clear way forward to enhanced business success.”

Maarten Schäfer, Co-Founder of CoolBrands People, added, “search firms are part of a triangle, together with companies looking for talent and the actual talent. Search firms look for the right talent and check their reputation; talent will Google the company for thought leadership; and the company will Google the search firm for their vision. So all three entities need to develop strong brands.”

About CoolBrands People

CoolBrands is a multinational branding company with over 15 years of experience in creating and “packaging” profiles for professionals, board members and C-Suite executives who are moving to a stage where broader market exposure is essential to their ongoing success. The creation of our Authority Positioning service came about from corporations and individuals realizing that a strong online presence is a key contributor to success. For more information, please visit or contact Anouk Pappers, at

About IIC Partners

IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide ( is a top ten global executive search organization with 50 offices in 33 countries. All IIC Partners member firms are independently owned and managed and are clear leaders in local and national markets, allowing solutions for client's organizational leadership, assessment and talent management requirements. For more information, please visit or contact Christine Hayward, Executive Director, at

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