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By IIC Partners
July 7, 2014

IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide is pleased to announce an official exclusive partnership with Cluen Corporation.

New York, NY – July 7, 2014IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide, one of the world’s top ten global executive search organizations, announced today an official exclusive partnership with the Cluen Corporation, a leading industry provider of recruitment software, to extend through 2015.

Christine Hayward, Executive Director of IIC Partners commented: “We are extremely proud to offer our members access to the highest quality professional resources and to create strategic alliances with leading providers of tools and services to the executive search industry. This collaboration between IIC Partners and the Cluen Corporation represents a continued commitment to excellence.”

Andrew Shapiro, CEO of Cluen Corporation commented: “We are enthusiastic to announce our partnership as the exclusive executive search software partner of IIC Partners. We look forward to making our innovative solutions available to all IIC Partners member firms as well as presenting special IIC Partners member offerings.”

About Cluen Corporation

Founded in 1990, The Cluen Corporation has been a global leader in recruiting software solutions for executive search professionals. Cluen's technology is innovative, secure, easy to use, and accessible from anywhere on the Internet. In 2001, Cluen released the first mobile/web application for search and in 2008, the first global cloud for search. Cluen continues to be on the forefront of executive search technology with integrations to various tools such as Outlook and social media. To find out why thousands of recruiters worldwide trust Cluen, please visit www.cluen.com or email info@cluen.com.

About IIC Partners

IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide is a top ten global executive search organization with 47 offices in 34 countries. All IIC Partners member firms are independently owned and managed and are clear leaders in local and national markets, allowing bespoke solutions for client's leadership talent requirements. For more information, please visit www.iicpartners.com or contact Thaddeus Andres, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager, at tandres@iicpartners.com.

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