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Feb. 21, 2017

New York, NY – February 22, 2017 – IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide (www.iicpartners.com), one of the world’s top ten global executive search organisations, announced today the recent appointment of ten Consultants to its global offices in Amsterdam, Dallas, Dubai, Dublin, London, Milan, Sydney and Washington DC.

  • Boudewijn Vellinga, Associate Partner - Holtrop Ravesloot
  • Frank Morogiello, Vice President - Pearson Partners International
  • Karin Legion, Partner - Envision Partnership
  • Conor McClafferty, Partner - MERC Partners
  • Kate Hammar, Real Estate Practice Leader - Per Ardua Associates
  • Sally Talbot, Human Resources Practice Leader - Per Ardua Associates
  • Daniela Mombelli, Partner, Industrial Practice - Key2People
  • Uberto Thun-Hohenstein, Partner, Industrial Practice - Key2People
  • Jochen de Jager, Director – de JAGER Executive Search
  • Sam Dinte, Senior Associate – Dinte Executive Search

Holtrop Ravesloot (www.holtropravesloot.com), located in Amsterdam, has appointed Boudewijn Vellinga as an Associate Partner. Mr. Vellinga has spent nearly 15 years in the financial services sector and specializes in executive search assignments from the Vice President to C-suite level.

Pearson Partners International (www.pearsonpartnersintl.com), based in Dallas, appointed Frank Morogiello as Vice President in early 2016. Mr. Morogiello specializes in senior executive and board level mandates within the industrial sector, and has nearly three decades of experience in the aviation industry.

Envision Partnership (www.envisionpartnership.com), located in Dubai, has announced the appointment of Karin Legein as Partner. Ms. Legein has over 25 years in communications and branding experience and specializes in managing executive search and talent mandates across the Middle East and Europe.

MERC Partners (www.merc.ie), based in Dublin, announced the appointment of Conor McClafferty as Partner. Mr. McClafferty has nearly 15 years of experience advising corporate boards and senior executives on strategic communications. Mr. McClafferty specializes in the financial services, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and consumer and retail sectors.

Per Ardua Associates (www.per-ardua.com), located in London, has announced the appointment Kate Hammar as Real Estate Practice Leader. Ms. Hammar spent seven years at an international real estate executive search firm, and has an extensive background in placing real estate and financial services executives across EMEA.

Per Ardua Associates (www.per-ardua.com), based in London, appointed Sally Talbot as Human Resources Practice Leader. Prior to joining Per Ardua Associates, Ms. Talbot led the executive search practice for a boutique human capital consultancy.

Key2People (www.key2people.com), located in Milan, has appointed Daniela Mombelli as Partner, Industrial Practice. Ms. Mombelli has nearly 20 years of expertise within consulting and specializes in the industrial sector.

Key2People (www.key2people.com), based in Milan, has announced the appointment of Uberto Thun-Hohenstein as Partner. Mr. Thun-Hohenstein specializes in the industrial sector and spent nearly three decades in senior management roles with Pirelli, a global manufacturing company. 

de JAGER Executive Search (www.dejager.com.au) located in Sydney, announced the appointment of Jochen de Jager as Director. Mr. de Jager was promoted from Head of Research at de JAGER Executive Search and has over 10 years of executive search experience. Mr. de Jager specializes in the life sciences and healthcare sector.

Dinte Executive Search (www.dinte.com), based in Washington DC, has recently appointed Sam Dinte as Senior Associate. Prior to joining Dinte Executive Search, Mr. Dinte spent five years at Avascent, a global aerospace and defense consultancy. Mr. Dinte specializes in both search and talent assessment mandates for corporations spanning the value chain and leading financial sponsors.


About IIC Partners

IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide is a top ten global executive search organisation with 53 offices in 35 countries. All IIC Partners member firms are independently owned and managed and are clear leaders in local and national markets, allowing bespoke solutions for client's leadership talent requirements. For more information, please visit iicpartners.com or contact Thaddeus Andres, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager, at tandres@iicpartners.com.


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