Henrik Ibsens gate 60 A,
Oslo, 0255

+47 916 56 100

Christian has a Master´s of Science in Business from BI Norwegian Business School. In addition he has studied entrepreneurship and business development at The Norwegian Entrepreneurship Program (University of Oslo/National University of Singapore). As a fresh graduate Christian started working in OBOS with management of residential property. As well as an adviser within property management, Christian has been central in a larger strategic project in the OBOS-group related to fiber and wireless broadband. Christian has also worked as a journalist for the business newspaper E24, the largest online business paper in Norway and in the communications department at BI Norwegian Business School. This has given him good verbal and written communication skills as well the ability to work quickly towards a deadline. Christian has an in-depth understanding of how the ongoing digitalization will change society, business and working life – and what new opportunities and challenges it presents. In the winter Christian loves to ski and in the summer he is a happy golfer. Christian has broad field of interest, but is particularly interested in topics and industries like construction/real estate, media, technology and startup companies.