Giordano Tamagni has thirty years of experience of human resources management, built up during his time with the Pirelli Group. At the start of his career, Giordano spent 18 months in London and Birmingham working for Dunlop at the time of its tentative merger with Pirelli. Over the next twelve years, he filled various positions in the fields of remuneration, development and recruitment in Pirelli Italy and was involved in the management of corporate personnel. In 1985, Giordano Tamagni was working for Pirelli Societé Generale as Deputy Human Resources Director. In 1987, he became Human Resources Director. When working in these positions he started to create the Pirelli international personnel department. In 1991, Giordano was appointed Human Resources Director for the entire Pirelli Group with responsibility for more than 60,000 employees. In 1993 the new Group top management began a process to relaunch Pirelli. Giordano Tamagni took a leading role in this process and was involved in a radical plan to renew the management team by recruiting new executives for all Group subsidiaries. During this period, he assumed responsibility also for personnel in the Tyres Sector. In 1999, he returned to a full time role as Senior VP of Group Human Resources. Giordano Tamagni is now a Partner in Key2people. Giordano has been a member of international organisations such as HR Roundtable Group, Conference Board HR Executives forum. At the start of 2001, he launched the International HR Network for multinationals companies with headquarters in Italy. He speaks fluent English and French and has a degree in economics from Bocconi University.