Norbert Abraham is supporting his clients to improve their competitiveness and economic success since 15 years: Searching relentlessly for the ideal leader, the perfect talent, to finding, assessing and employing the right kind of personality. His credo: 'We need to kiss a lot of frogs, to find a handsome prince!'

In a demographic reality with increasingly less talents looking for change, the demand of dynamic companies for committed and achievement-driven candidates will never be matched by passive media- and web-driven recruiting methodologies.And most of these few talents understand perfectly well that personality counts a lot more in selection processes than just simple knowledge and some suitable working experience. Personality celebrates a glorious comeback!

With his vibrantly active Search Teams Norbert Abraham is con-stantly screening organisations and locating exactly those extraordinary performers, who do not post their wish for change on public job plat-forms.

And he is able to guide his clients to achieve firm and objective em-ployment decisions: interpreting various job relevant dimensions of personality based on modern scientific assessment methodologies.Clients foster their national and global competitiveness in combining active searches and objective employment decisions.

His clients - large corporates as well as family-owned businesses - like his emotional competence, his meticulous and deep search process together with his analytical approach.

1997 he started as Executive Search Consultant & Career Coach with a national champion and continued for some time with the world market leader.

2002 he founded ingeniam. 2010 ingeniam became shareholder of IIC Partners.

Specialties: As Career Coach he is acting with deep sensitivity and high intensity. He guides Coachees to arrive at individual decisions in analyzing challenges, growth potential and motives at career crossroads.

He is able to interpret candidate careers with neutral reflection and true experience. A direct and honest communication combined with experience from thousands of interviews allows him to easily find access to potential candidates.