Henrik Ibsens gate 60 A,
Oslo, 0255

+47 916 56 100

Vibeke, who works on executive and board recruitment, has a broad professional range, with 10 years’ experience in research and analysis. She works on projects in most areas of both the private and public sector.​ Her primary job is to find the best senior executives and board members in different sectors. Vibeke’s curiosity and systematic approach enable her to familiarize herself with the client and candidate, and the needs of both, through painstaking analysis and research. Thanks to her long experience in the sector, combined with the knowledge she gained working in services, sales and marketing, Vibeke is ideally placed to challenge the client and candidates as needed or desired.​ ​ Vibeke has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a specialization in Media, as well as a Master’s in Marketing and a Master’s in Human Resource Management from the University of Newcastle, Australia. She also studied Psychology at the University of Oslo.​ As a client, you will benefit from her eye for detail, curiosity and systematic approach, as well as her focus on quality and durability. Vibeke spends her free time in forests or mountains, at concerts or in cafes. ​