Room A502, Minsheng Bank Building, No. 48 Weihai Road, Huangpu District,
Shanghai, 200003
P.R. China


Who We Are

PCI Executive Search Consultants, founded in 1991, is one of the top Asia-Pacific executive search firms, operating throughout Greater China.  We are a proud member of IIC Partners since 2001, one of the world’s leading search organizations.

While PCI Shanghai has broad experience across all industries in China and Taiwan, we focus our expertise in core markets that build on our experience. Practice areas include industrial, PE & VC, FMCG & consumer/ retail, hi-tech, semiconductor and automotive industries etc.

 Our philosophy at PCI is simple: ‘Solving clients’ business challenges drives everything we do. Our passion for excellence, combined with an innovative, diligent approach to recruiting talent, delivers value-driven results to our clients.

PCI combines creative search strategies and tactics with a compelling and professional presentation style that differentiates us in the pursuit of top talents. Our methods and success set PCI apart from the competition.  We have a history of repeat business with a select list of multi-national company references.

How We Work

At PCI Shanghai, our clients' interests and requirements always drive our executive search process.  All searches start with ample communication from the first briefing. Our clients talk directly to our experienced professionals about their company, organizational structure, the role and the job description. PCI’s consultants are able to provide feedback on the market and talent landscape to help finalize an attractive and appropriate position profile.  

We conducts in-depth research to gain an understanding of the company’s industry, the target markets and business objectives, before developing the search strategy and identifying sources of talent. We conduct a full market mapping exercise to find the most relevant senior executives for the role. 

During the agreed time schedule, PCI SH works closely with the client to ensure interactive and transparent communication toward identifying shortlisted candidates before the final selection stage. 

Besides disciplined process & procedure and well communication, we also conduct reference check, help both client and talent to reach an agreement on the offerings if needed and provide follow up services to make all searches successful.