IIC Partners is passionate about finding the best talent for our clients wherever they are in the world. We work tirelessly to advise, inform and guide organizations to make the right decision about hiring executives that will drive their operations forward, improve efficiency, and increase profits.

Established over 35 years ago, our executive search consultants have experience working with all types of organizations. From global corporations to national firms to family-owned businesses, we have partnered with many of the world’s most recognized brands to solve their leadership challenges.

IIC Partners members at meeting in Dubai

Powered By Partnership


IIC Partners is a global partnership of independently owned and managed executive search firms. The independence of our firms allows IIC Partners to be highly responsive and flexible to client needs, creating successful, bespoke talent solutions.

Through global presence, industry expertise, and local knowledge, IIC Partners is trusted to deliver the highest quality retained executive search services.

A Deep Commitment To Diversity

Access to a diverse workforce is essential for success — companies with a diversity and inclusion strategy experience higher levels of creativity, engagement, and retention. Diversity across gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic background brings together perspectives that uncover new paths to solving problems. IIC Partners is committed to diversity in hiring.

Why IIC Partners
Our values drive your success


We adhere to the highest level of rigorous standards.


We share a passion for adding value to all our relationships.


We uphold the highest standards of ethics.


We communicate openly and promptly.


We are partners in the pursuit of best practices.


We work seamlessly to combine resources and expertise.


We embrace a culture of mutual respect.