Executive Search

IIC Partners is a global top 10 executive search firm, with over 450 consultants around the world. We identify, connect and recruit the world’s leading executive talent for our clients.

Established in 1988, our success in executive search and recruitment is driven by our market-leading consultants. We draw on our extensive business strategy and talent management expertise to understand your strategic goals and corporate culture, bringing you the perfect candidate for your organization.

Our firms are locally owned and operated, in over 40 locations around the world. Our local ownership structure ensures deep market expertise, and a senior partner leading every search.

Hire Exceptional Talent

We follow a research-driven approach to find, evaluate and help you hire market-leading executives that drive your business forward.

Our partnership will begin with a deep discovery of your business and talent needs. This includes a review of your current reporting structures and talent capabilities to seamlessly align new hires to your existing leadership teams. We compare and contrast your executive talent strategy with that of competitors in your market, considering larger trends and developments that may impact your hiring and retention strategy.

Our expert consultants draw on their extensive networks and research capabilities to build a highly-qualified talent pool. We are deeply committed to diversity and inclusion, and we will present a diverse slate of exceptional candidates that help you meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Your Trusted Advisor

We take the risk out of executive and Board recruitment by pre-qualifying candidates with rigorous assessment processes, ensuring that every executive we present is a great option for your organization.

From competency interviews to references, we guide your hiring teams through every stage of the interview process, leaving you confident that you are making a decision that will transform your organization’s performance. Get in contact today to discuss your talent strategy with one of our expert search consultants.

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