Interim Management

Interim management serves a critical role in guiding organisations through times of transition or transformation. Interim executives fill a temporary gap in senior leadership teams that are undergoing transition, restructuring or cost efficiency programs, and can lead change or transformation projects when a permanent role may be unnecessary.

Our experience in placing interim executives spans three decades. We have over 450 consultants around the world with proven track records of high performance during interim assignments.

The Interim Selection Process

Drawing on our leadership assessment and talent mapping expertise, applied to your region and industry, we build the leadership profile of the executive that will be most successful for the assignment. During this phase of the project, we provide insights into how your competitors are managing interim and permanent talent to help inform your talent strategy.

Once we have defined the executive profile and begun mapping talent across your sector, we work with you to design an onboarding strategy and set performance management milestones. In parallel, we begin to identify a slate of exceptional leaders available for the engagement.

We will guide you through every stage of the evaluation and selection process, helping you meet the short deadlines that often accompany interim assignments, while not sacrificing any aspect of hiring due diligence.

After the engagement begins, we will ensure that both parties are supported through the entire assignment, serving as an invaluable third-party trusted advisor to help you achieve the highest possible results.

What To Expect From IIC Partners Interim Management

High Performance

With IIC Partners being a top 10 global executive search firm, we have access to the world’s highest performing executive talent. We will present a slate of executives with proven delivery excellence, sourced from our extensive local and international networks.

Results Driven

Interim executives placed by our consultants work towards a clear set of deliverables and are highly accountable for results. We help you implement performance management methods and identify key milestones to ensure that the interim assignment stays on track.

Specialist Skills

Need an AI expert? Or a global supply chain specialist? Interim executives are often sourced for projects that require specialist skills and knowledge. Our assessment methods ensure that your interim executive hires match every aspect of the assignment brief.


Our detailed onboarding and succession planning ensures that interim executives can reach peak performance very early in the engagement and that all knowledge and capabilities developed during the assignment are retained by your organization. The benefits of bringing in highly specialized industry leaders can be felt long after the engagement is complete.

Embedded But Independent

Interim executives are both committed team members and independent experts. Their ‘outsider’s view’ matched with extensive transformation experience provide interim executives with the skills and knowledge to lead your organization through change.

Rapid Deployment

We move rapidly to source and evaluate top interim executives to meet your ambitious deadlines while not sacrificing any aspect of due diligence or background checking.

Partner With Us

We take the risk out of interim recruitment by pre-qualifying candidates with rigorous assessment processes, ensuring that every executive we present is a great option for your organization. Get in contact today to discuss your interim management needs with one of our expert search consultants.