Recognizing that our clients often require services beyond executive search, we offer a range of leadership consulting solutions to help with your talent management needs. These services can be used to augment, enhance and strengthen your leadership team.

Board & Leadership Assessment

Ensure that your leadership teams have the right skills, capabilities and motivations in place in order to effectively manage teams. Assessing your senior management team can reveal deficits in skills, but also identify hidden strengths and new opportunities for growth.

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Succession Planning

Succession planning identifies a pipeline of talent and is crucial to your talent acquisition strategy. In the case of unforeseen executive departures from the senior executive team, the future leadership of an organisation can easily be transitioned or managed in the interim with a strategically constructed succession plan.


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Talent Mapping

Market Mapping evaluates and follows active and passive talent in local and global candidate markets. It is a strategy that companies employ for long and short-term talent sourcing needs and enables organisations to be business ready. IIC Partners network of global executive search consultants maps talent across the globe.


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Diversity & Inclusion

In today's market, access to a diverse workforce is essential. Companies with a diversity and inclusion strategy experience higher levels of creativity, engagement and retention. Diversity across gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation and socioeconomic background brings together perspectives that uncover new paths to solving problems.


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Coaching & Onboarding

Onboarding and coaching services accelerate the assimilation of new hires into senior leadership roles and integrate executives in a more structured and effective way. By strategically immersing new leaders into a corporate culture, businesses can make a more meaningful impact and empower teams faster.


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Interim Management

Interim management serves a critical role in guiding organisations through times of transformation. Interim executives fill a temporary gap in senior leadership teams that are undergoing transition, restructuring, cost efficiency programs and more. Interim management provides short-term leadership when a permanent role may be unnecessary.


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