Board & Leadership Assessment

The most successful organizations from around the world employ Board and leadership assessment solutions to maximize team performance. IIC Partners is one of the leading providers of assessment services with 450 consultants in over 40 global offices. Working with us empowers your executive leaders and Board members with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve their highest potential. The process will foster a deep connection between your organization’s executive talent and your business strategy, and deliver a clear understanding of what it takes to achieve unbridled growth.

Executive Leaders

The highest performing leaders continually call upon feedback to evaluate and improve their performance. Our assessment tools facilitate this learning by evaluating skills, knowledge and leadership approach against the requirements of the role. We upskill executives in self-awareness and implement evaluation processes to support continual growth.

Executive Teams

Individual assessment is often extended to entire teams, allowing us to place skills and capabilities within the context of the group. Executive leaders are empowered with both personal and collective development plans to drive optimal performance.

Executive team assessment can help inform future hiring decisions and identify specific areas that need attention to boost diversity and inclusion.

Going beyond capability assessments, we also review management processes and working relationships within senior executive teams, and between the CEO and the Board. Getting relationships right is as important as individual performance.


Assessment engagements for the Board of Directors apply a number of evaluation techniques to identify strengths and gaps in expertise that are critical to the Board’s success. We review the Board and committee group leadership within the context of your governance model to make sure the right people are in the right place. We also assess which Board members are being underutilized and make sure the culture supports a process of continual feedback and evolution.

Using the quantitative and qualitative data captured during the assessment process, we can help you find and appoint new Board members, or improve existing member relations to ensure the Board is functioning to the highest possible standards.  

Board assessment can also help facilitate knowledge sharing and coaching between Board members and executives. A Board member may possess a positive leadership trait that is undeveloped in an executive leader. We can create processes to facilitate knowledge sharing and executive coaching between the two leaders.


Leadership assessment is often applied as a key component of the executive search process. We use our tried and tested assessment tools, matched with industry and competitor benchmarking, to make sure every candidate we present possesses the leadership skills, capabilities and culture fit for your organization. 

Assessment Tools

While our assessment process varies around the world — our consultants customize our approach for each local market — here are some of the types of assessments that can be utilized:

– Cognitive Ability Tests
– Personality Evaluations
– Technical Assessment
– Business Simulation Exercises
– 360 Feedback
– Interviews

We tailor our suite of assessment tools and processes to your specific needs. Often our clients match these services with ongoing executive coaching to ensure the learnings are put into action and that your leadership teams are held accountable.

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