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Who We Are

In 1998 an independent Executive Search department was created within the structures of BIGRAM S.A. which signed an incorporation agreement in 2002 with a worldwide independent network of executive search companies IIC Partners and which has been offering since then its services under a new logo.

IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide is one of the largest executive search organizations in the world.

Continuous and active co-operation of companies incorporated within the organization enables regular exchange of experience and provides mutual support in the realization of projects.

The mission of the organization is to offer Clients all over the world the highest level of executive search services through an individual approach to the needs of each Client.

How We Work

We take a custom and personal approach to each executive search assignment. Rather than trying to enforce the principles and concepts that we have accrued throughout our years in the industry, we enter every executive search assuming that there is something for us to learn about our clients, the market and the senior level talent. We believe that every executive search is unique, and the process requires a high level of expertise and attention.

We collaborate and communicate closely with our clients at all stages of an executive search to ensure that we are working towards the best possible outcome finding the best candidate to fill the position.

BIGRAM Executive Search joined IIC Partners in 2002. We have proudly represented the membership by serving on the Board of Directors.

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