Life Sciences & Healthcare 2022 Trends Survey

Life Sciences & Healthcare 2022 Trends Survey

How remote working and hiring practices are evolving with global trends.


The colossal rise of remote working over the past two years has dramatically changed business operations and hiring practices. 

But how has this trend impacted the Life Sciences and Healthcare industries? We decided to investigate by surveying over 200 C-suite leaders and senior HR professionals in these sectors.

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The research identified some dominant trends like how offering remote or hybrid working is crucial for talent attraction and retention but also highlighted that every organization has had a unique and complex experience.

For some, productivity has increased, while others have seen a negative impact. The same divide appeared across many other areas of our study. 

It is clear that generalisms must be left behind and that we are still working out how to optimize our performance and well-being within this new normal.

Key learnings

1. Remote working is a positive trend for Life Sciences and Healthcare organizations, and adoption has increased dramatically since the pandemic.

2. Remote and hybrid working is a key element of attracting and retaining talent. Employers who cannot offer remote options face challenges in today’s highly competitive talent market.

3. Competition for talent has increased dramatically, and candidates are negotiating more during the hiring process. This is causing additional strain on HR professionals and teams throughout the organization.

4. On average, recruitment is taking longer, and remote onboarding is less effective. However, many organizations are experiencing the opposite. This shows just how varied the new realities are.

5. Fostering a positive corporate culture now takes more time and effort, and it is increasingly difficult to meet employee expectations.

6. For many organizations, productivity is rising due to remote and hybrid working. However, not all have realized these gains, and for most organizations, collaboration has been negatively affected.

7. Organizations are continually optimizing their response to the ever-changing new normal. The majority are planning to invest in additional tools and training to manage their remote workforce, and are offering more incentives to encourage office participation.

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