IIC Partners

By IIC Partners
June 29, 2016

New York, NY – June 29, 2016 – IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide (www.iicpartners.com), one of the world’s top ten global executive search organisations, announced today the launch of the IIC Partners Knowledge Academy. The platform serves to provide IIC Partners members with access to a library of professional development webinars, training and educational resources and collaborative learning tools. Knowledge Academy serves as an opportunity for members to grow their business through the exploration of a wide array of topics relevant to today’s industry trends and demands.

IIC Partners Executive Director, Christine Hayward, commented on the launch of the program saying, “IIC Partners Knowledge Academy leverages our global partnership by connecting our firms with resources to enable professional development at all levels of a search organisation. The Knowledge Academy provides access to tools to assist with the challenges and issues faced by executive search firms as they conduct and carry out searches for their clients, as well as focused training topics to assist with professional development.”

About IIC Partners

IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide is a top ten global executive search organisation with 52 offices in 34 countries. All IIC Partners member firms are independently owned and managed and are clear leaders in local and national markets, allowing bespoke solutions for client's leadership talent requirements. For more information, please visit www.iicpartners.com or contact Thaddeus Andres, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager, at tandres@iicpartners.com.


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