IIC Partners Receives Two Awards at AESC Global Conference

IIC Partners Receives Two Awards at AESC Global Conference

New York, NY – April 25, 2018 – IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide (iicpartners.com), one of the world’s top ten global executive search organisations, is proud to recognize Jesus Castillo of Contevenca (conteven.com) and Renee Arrington of Pearson Partners International (pearsonpartnersintl.com) for receiving two prestigious industry awards at the 2018 AESC Global Conference in New York City earlier this month.

Jesus Castillo, Partner at Contevenca (conteven.com) in Caracas, received the 2018 AESC Award of Excellence. This award recognizes an individual who has made a significant impact in enhancing the executive search profession in a meaningful way, especially reinforcing his or her commitment to the highest professional standards. Jesus has been in executive search for nearly 30 years and continues to invest in his community despite the volatile and challenging market conditions in his home country of Venezuela. Jesus served on the IIC Partners board of directors from 2009 – 2012.

Upon receiving the AESC Award of Excellence, Jesus commented: “It is a great honor to be the first Latin-American to receive the Award Of Excellence from the AESC, the Association that brings together the elite of executive search and leadership consulting worldwide. This award commits me further to continue working for excellence in executive search. Thanks to my colleagues of Contevenca in Venezuela and IIC Partners worldwide for their trust and support.”

Renee Arrington, Senior Vice President at Pearson Partners International (pearsonpartnersintl.com) in Dallas, received the 2018 AESC Commitment to the Community Award. The AESC Commitment to the Community Award (also known as the Eleanor H. Raynolds Award) recognizes an individual who combines excellence in executive search with a strong commitment to community service. Renee has worked in executive search for more than 25 years and is involved in numerous not-for-profit organisations. Renee has been an active contributor to IIC Partners in many ways including her involvement in the Technology, Digital Media and Telecommunications Practice.

Renee commented: “I am honored for my name to be on the list with so many other leaders in our industry who have also received this award. For me personally, this award recognizes the happy convergence of my vocation, executive search, and my avocation, building better pathways for women to succeed. If you can pivot three hours a month towards your favorite cause, you will be amazed and gratified at the huge difference such a small investment can make. That the AESC, through this award, would shine a light on these efforts is truly humbling.”

Christine Hayward, Executive Director of IIC Partners, added: “All of us at IIC Partners are inspired by the work and commitment that Jesus and Renee have demonstrated as leaders in the executive search industry.  We are thrilled that the AESC has recognized their accomplishments as ambassadors to maintaining the highest standards of excellence and giving back to the community through their work.  We congratulate them both on this wonderful achievement.”

Jesus Castillo and Renee Arrington join the following IIC Partners members who have previously been recognized by the AESC:

    • John Salveson of Salveson Stetson Group – AESC Commitment To The Community Award (2015)
    • Robert L. Pearson of Pearson Partners International – AESC Lifetime Achievement Award (2013)
    • Alfredo José Assumpção of FESA – AESC Commitment To The Community Award (2012)
    • David Howells of The Curzon Partnership (CurzonTrinitas) – Award For Excellence And Professionalism In Research (2009)
    • Janice Reals Ellig of Ellig Group – AESC Commitment To The Community Award (2008)

Jesus Castillo’s Acceptance Speech On Receiving 2018 AESC Award of Excellence at the
AESC Global Conference in New York City on 11 April 2018. 

Renee Arrington’s Acceptance Speech On Receiving The 2018 AESC Commitment To The Community Award
at the AESC Global Conference in New York City on 11 April 2018. 

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