Henrik Ibsens gate 60 A,
Oslo, 0255

+47 916 56 100

Mona has many years’ experience in communication and competency development in a broad range of sectors. She has worked as head of communications at an international consultancy company for risk management, security and preparedness, and as a freelance journalist, public speaker and teacher. She has also had various roles in the university and higher education sector. Mona has an extensive network in both the private and public sector. She has a Master’s in Education with a subsidiary in Media Studies from the University of Oslo. While working on her master’s thesis on prevention of radicalization and violent extremism, she was associated with the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. Mona is currently the editor of an anthology on free speech in universities. At Visindi, Mona works on search, analysis and strategic consultancy for the recruitment of executives and board members.

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