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For 35 years, Sherrie Barch has helped boards and CEOs recruit, retain, and develop leadership teams. Sherrie’s experience and skills include preparing boards for their partnership in the search process, building methods for boards to appropriately assess candidates, and supporting clients in the development of core competencies. Her ability to develop and implement processes to ensure successful outcomes is valued by healthcare organizations across the United States. Her work in executive search and integrated talent management helps clients align their organizations for the demands of healthcare reform, and her experience with both provider and payer organizations makes her well-qualified to tackle the convergence of these spaces as they relate to population health, quality and safety, and value-based outcomes. Sherrie co-founded Furst Group in 1991 and is a seasoned speaker and writer on healthcare whose work has appeared in publications ranging from Modern Healthcare to Trustee magazine (part of the American Hospital Association). She is specially qualified in her ability to assist organizations with leadership development planning. She has worked with many clients as they navigate through the succession process for key leadership positions, developing resources to appropriately review both internal and external options. In addition, Sherrie has conducted numerous searches for chief executive officers, chief medical officers, chief operating officers, and other top-level executives. Recently, she developed an infrastructure to support large-scale recruitment activities for the leading provider dedicated to government-sponsored health plans. Internally, she has implemented superior processes and procedures throughout the organization that deliver value to Furst Group’s clients by balancing scope, time, cost, and quality. Sherrie holds bachelor and master’s degrees in business communication.

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