Talent Mapping

Talent mapping tracks executives in local and global candidate markets, allowing you to evaluate your competitor capabilities and structures. It is a strategy that companies employ for long or short-term talent sourcing needs and when diversifying into new business sectors.

Mapping The Talent Market

IIC Partners uses traditional researching and resourcing methods to diagram and map competitor’s organisational structures. Talent mapping involves tracking up to three levels of management. These leadership levels may include:

– Managing Director / C-Suite
– Heads of Business
– One sub-level below Heads of Business (often Sales and Marketing focused)

In addition, often unique, specialty or in-demand skill sets may be identified, and individuals holding these roles may also be tracked through a talent mapping process.

Analysis of these divisions provides a detailed overview of organisational structures, reporting systems and insight into competitor functions. Using this data, organisations can identify key competitors, target skills and compile core competencies to enhance their own internal teams.

Understanding the talent ecosystem at these three levels of management helps define future roles for candidates and enhance a company’s succession planning strategy.

Case study: Developing a new leadership role

A South African Blue Chip Conglomerate in the Industrial sector sought to digitalize and transform its business processes, systems and the way the business transacted and interacted with its clients. The challenge involved an immature knowledge of digital transformation in South Africa and a scarcity of skills. The company engaged IIC Partners to understand the digital transformation talent pool, map the market of available talent across South Africa and identify specific leadership capabilities the role would require.

We comprehensively mapped over 30 South African Corporations and Management Consulting firms, and 124 potential candidates. The map outlined direct reporting structures and confirmed that digital transformation talent pools were largely dominated by management consulting firms within South Africa.

As a result of the market mapping, the company retained IIC Partners to appoint a Chief Digital Officer (CDO), to support the Divisional CEO. The CDO appointed by IIC Partners had an equally strong background in business and digitisation, and now oversees the implementation of digital transformation strategy by regional teams.

Data Validation and Efficacy

Talent mapping data is verified through internal and external authentication. Once chartered, a talent map’s data accuracy can be valid for up to 6 months. Within these initial 6 months, the report is constantly refreshed with up-to-date information, tracking candidate mobility, career progression, internal restructurings and direct report changes. Once the initial 6 months have lapsed, companies may work with us to ensure the data integrity and continue to monitor talent within niche markets over an extended period of time.

In traditional hiring solutions, both the cost and length of the entire hiring cycle grow significantly as the time of a search extends. With talent mapping, the approach of continuous sourcing and data mining decreases the length of the hiring cycle when a talent need arises.

Case study: Real-time access to market data and talent

One of the world’s leading service providers in the Life Sciences sector needed to identify extremely niche skill sets to develop future roles and identify the right talent. The company partnered with IIC Partners in New Delhi to map the Indian talent market, identify key skills and develop a candidate database. By talent mapping both direct and indirect competitors, we identified target skills and core competencies necessary to succeed and charted the spread of talent at leading pharmaceutical and life sciences companies across India.

Within 6 months, we built a skills repository database of over 400 qualified, available and interested candidates. The company retained us to continue managing and updating the market map to ensure real-time availability of talent for current and future hiring needs. Over the next two years, the company hired 100 of these candidates identified by talent mapping.

Comprehensive Succession Planning

Companies also employ talent mapping services to gain a more objective point of view for their own succession planning efforts. Many companies limit their succession planning prospects to internal talent pools and candidates, failing to expand a focus beyond these pipelines. Talent mapping yields alternative external candidates that may be equally or better suited to a role. Utilizing talent mapping enhances a succession plan by providing a more comprehensive and holistic view of all talent available in the marketplace.

Case study: Reinforcing a succession plan

A Fortune 100 technology company was presented with an unexpected succession planning challenge for a Chief Audit Executive position.  While the company had two very strong potential successors, it wanted to explore further talent options with a particular focus on diversity. In order to gain a full understanding of the available talent, the company engaged IIC Partners in Philidephia to map the market for senior audit professionals within the Fortune 250.

We researched and identified potential candidates within the Fortune 250 who met the criteria established for the role and engaged these candidates to:

  • Assess their career aspirations and objectives
  • Evaluate functional and leadership strengths and potential fit
  • Determine interest in leaving current employer for another
  • opportunity
  • Gauge willingness to pursue exploratory conversations
  • Assess ability to relocate
  • Identify compensation requirements

In the end, the company promoted an internal candidate into the role but was confident they had made an informed decision based upon the data and insights gathered from talent mapping.

Partner With Us

It’s widely known that people are the key to an organization’s success. With mapping, you can become the leading talent expert in your industry, knowing where the top executives are placed, how long they have been in role, or when they may be ready to move.  Partner with us to empower your leadership teams with the information and skills required to hire the very best leaders and maintain a competitive edge.