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Who We Are

HRM is the leading independent Executive Search firm in Ireland. Through a range of structured and custom solutions, we serve global leaders and local champions in Biopharma, Pharma & Device Industries, Consumer Markets, Professional Services, Business & Financial Services and Digital & Technology sectors all over Ireland. We support organisations of all sizes with their complex hiring needs by blending unique research networks, data and analytics with innovative assessment stages, knowledge and reach.

How We Work

Our search solutions are powered by the depth of understanding of your need and our highly innovative internal research team. HRM's Detailed Needs Analysis (DNA) process is designed to reveal a client's culture, context and critical role content. We build clear insight in to organisation and role purpose to ensure we align effectively with target executives and professionals. Our Research Team draws on a wide range of unique and proprietary, resources and networks, to identify leading talent in every relevant function. Using predictive analytics, the team continuously works to identify the best talent for our clients 'ahead of their need' to ensure optimum quality and efficiency in developing targeted shortlists.

HRM's 40 Consultants and Researchers organise around three selection practices: Life Science & Engineering Technology; Supply Chain Operations & Systems and Corporate & Professional Services. Consultants operate at distinct levels so that networks can be drawn on to meet Interim, Fractional and Fixed executive appointments. For larger client engagements, consultants come together to form a dedicated client team leading to accelerated project completion. Knowledge has always been our differentiator and our extensive understanding of the Irish market, combined with IIC Partners international talent pool reach enables us to identify and recruit, professionals and leaders across all relevant functions and deliver an unrivalled customer experience.

HRM's Advisory Services Team delivers a range of solutions including Talent Mapping, Candidate Assessment, HR Consulting and Unbundled Search Process Stages.