6 Leadership Lessons From Our Global Meeting in Panama City

6 Leadership Lessons From Our Global Meeting in Panama City

Panama City was an iconic location for the IIC Partners 2024 Global Meeting. Consultants joined from across the globe, including members from Argentina, South Africa, Finland, Canada, Austria, Germany, USA, Venezuela, Chile and Spain.

One of the hallmarks of IIC Partners is best practice sharing and collaborative learning to deliver enhanced value to our clients, explore advanced human capital strategies, and sustainably grow our businesses.

During the conference in Panama, we held sessions on various topics, including, business development, executive leadership, and metrics and pricing, where our consultants shared their approaches within their search practices.

Below are some important lessons that I took away:

1. Ask the hard questions early on to ensure alignment between expectations and reality during business development. For example, does the compensation budget match the market rate? Are they willing to stretch for the right person?

2. Negative responses are an opportunity for deeper engagement. Tenacity is appreciated when it is strategically aligned, provides value, and strengthens connection.

3. Close gaps between business developers and business executors. Are the projects being brought in aligned with the motivations of your execution team? These teams must be working in harmony.

4. Shape your future by creating moments of opportunity. Share trends and market analysis with potential clients, amplify your network by hosting and attending events, and encourage entrepreneurship in your team.

5. The pivotal moment when an employee decides to leave is often when they want to avoid conflict. Leaders need to actively listen and be prepared to truly step outside of the current status quo to create solutions.

6. Metrics are not just about measuring performance; they are more complex and nuanced and can be used to understand behavior and actions. Use the data to find the story.

Our next in-person meeting will be in Athens in October — and with 2024 being an Olympic year — I look forward to celebrating our global unity in the birthplace of the Games. Until then, enjoy this video recap of our time in Panama City.

Author: Christine Hayward, Executive Director of IIC Partners

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