Who We Are

Since 1971, Progress has been at the forefront of the executive search industry in France.  Based in Paris, we have established ourselves as leaders in sourcing top talent for senior executive and board director positions.

In addition to traditional executive search, we also offer consulting for human resource departments and business leaders in the midst of corporate changes, such as mergers, strategy shifts, and shareholder movements.

Progress is committed to creating long term relationships with its clients in order to contribute to their improved performance. We also work closely with senior executives so that they may achieve greater professional achievement and personal satisfaction in their roles.

How We Work

At Progress, we adhere to several core practices that lead to the success of the search assignments we handle. We start each project with in-depth discussion with the client which allows us to get to know the company, its history, its culture, its human resources and its products.  This enables us to create a detailed position description.

Using a list of target firms compiled with the client, Progress identifies, approaches, interviews, assesses and selects the candidates best suited for the position. This process is generally carried out by a team made up of a consultant and a researcher.

For each candidate proposed, Progress presents the client with a complete overview of the candidate's career path, interests and strengths regarding the position.

Progress works closely with the client and the successful candidate to ensure a seamless integration into their new work environment.

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