Henrik Ibsens gate 60 A,
Oslo, 0255

+47 916 56 100



Who We Are

Visindi is headquartered in Oslo and operates throughout Norway.  Visindi has a team of nearly 40 employees and all are highly qualified with extensive professional networks.

At Visindi, we work on the basis of values and prize social commitment, far-sightedness and diversity. We challenge and are dedicated to finding executives and board members that are concerned about creating results, jobs and values. We are proud of the work that we do with brands and organizations that are shaping our world for the better.

The name Visindi comes from the old Norse and means consciousness, wisdom and knowledge. Based on this foundation, we help you make wise decisions about executive selection.

How We Work

We understand the impact that we are making on our clients and on the world at large, and we aim to drive results that can make people's lives better. We trust our clients to tell us what they are looking for when recruiting executive talent, but we also drive our own research and analysis process to ensure we are finding the best candidate for the available position.

We have gained extensive experience and insight by selecting candidates for boards and management groups in different sectors.  Our search consultants have all been managers themselves and can offer valuable insight, offer well-intentioned challenges and pose questions to cast light on the skills needed to achieve different goals. Our team is not afraid to ask difficult and -if necessary - unpleasant questions in order to ensure that our client achieves the best possible result.

Visindi joined IIC Partners in 2020, becoming a valued member of the leading global network of executive search firms.