The Financial Services and Insurance industries have become increasingly complex with new regulatory and transparency requirements, fast-evolving digital transformation, and the necessity to balance anticipated growth with smaller margins. Companies need agile, strategic leaders with specialist skill sets who can lead them through change. IIC Partners' global Financial Services & Insurance team supports our clients in achieving their business goals by finding, developing, and engaging high-impact, innovative talent. Our global offices are strategically located in key financial centers and help our clients attract talent, accelerate leadership development and ensure smooth executive transitions.

Real Estate

Our Financial Services expertise also includes the Real Estate sector, where our teams have extensive real estate industry expertise and provide business insights, skills, and tools to meet human capital needs in the sector.


IIC Partners specializes in the Financial Technology, Electronic Trading and Transaction Services sectors, where our expertise covers a wide range from broad capital markets to the mobile payments space.


Our consultants are deeply embedded and highly networked in the insurance sector with extensive experience in recruiting c-suite executives, sales and marketing leaders, risk and compliance experts, and technology professionals.

Our Financial Services expertise coverage areas include:

  • Asset Management and Alternative Investments
  • Consumer and Commercial Banking
  • Credit Unions
  • FinTech / Electronic Trading and Transaction Services
  • Insurance
  • Investment Banking and Capital Markets
  • Real Estate
  • Wealth Management
  • Board and CEO Services
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Financial Officers
  • Information Technology Officers
  • Private Equity
  • Risk 



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