12th Floor, 208 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan
Bangkok, 10330

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Who We Are

Richard Glynn Consultants (RGC) is a specialist executive search firm whose main business is in identifying leading Thai and expatriate candidates for senior executive positions across a wide range of functions and business sectors.  In operation since 1987, we have established ourselves as one of the pre-eminent dedicated search firms in Thailand.

RGC works for leading multinational organizations, large local conglomerates, and smaller entrepreneurial companies, whose most common characteristic is their commitment to performance improvement.  

Our clients face a challenging, ever-evolving market and it’s one we know well. We work hard to help clients stay ahead of the curve, leveraging our global insight and industry experience.  Our thirty years of experience mean that we can offer our clients the deep level of insight that they need to make rational, sustainable decisions about their leadership, in order to optimize business performance.

How We Work

RGC integrates our clients’ business requirements, vision and culture into a best practice search process that ensures shortlisted candidates have the proven competencies - and capability - to deliver optimal results.

We meet with our clients to ensure that we have a correct understanding of the search requirements.  We develop a search strategy and research target industries likely to employ executives closely matching the specification.  RGC presents the most qualified candidates to our client in the form of detailed, confidential written reports.

Our client base is diverse to ensure there are not too many clients in any one sector that would be 'off limits' to any search for an existing or new client. 

We are proud to be one of the longest serving members of IIC Partners.  Our Executive Manager, Anthony Ainsworth has served on the Board of Directors.