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Who We Are

Farber is an independent business advisory firm that provides practical solutions to complex financial and operating problems. We have a reputation for responsiveness and a track record of helping our clients achieve their objectives and overcome challenges.

We successfully partner and work with the leadership of North American companies, their advisors, lenders and other professionals. Our diverse team of business-savvy professionals operates seamlessly to provide services across the areas of restructuring, financial, human capital, and consulting.

How We Work

At our core, our Interim Management and Executive Search practice is a people business; we believe that candidates are not commodities andrelationships matter. Our close-knit team is a diverse group with different skills andprofessional backgrounds who are focused intently on building our candidate relationshipsand finding exceptional people for our clients. This is critical as having the right talent in placecan make all the difference.

We have a sense of purpose behind everything that we do. Every search gives us privilegedaccess to fascinating and talented people. Working with our clients to help build their teamsand supporting the career journeys of candidates is highly motivating for us. We take the timeto understand our clients and know what it takes to identify and attract the right fit.

We are always looking for opportunities to shape and create conversations. We spot trendsand recognize best practices, sharing our insights of the market. Youll find that we are alwaystransparent, determined to succeed and be creative in our approach.Making business work better, together.

Farber has been an IIC Partners member since 2019.